Animal Protein: Friend or Foe?

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The information on how best to eat has changed radically in the last few years. After being demonised for decades, fat is now known to be vital to our well being and surprisingly not only doesn’t make us fat, but helps with weight loss. Sugar and carbohydrates from grains are now considered to be one of main causes of the …

Mushrooms Super Food

Mushrooms – the new Superfood?

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I used to love mushrooms. I’d always order some sort of mushroom dish while eating out. Stuffed mushrooms, mushroom risotto, meat or spaghetti with mushroom sauce, the choices were endless. Then suddenly I went off them. I began to hear that being fungi, they weren’t actually good for you. They caused mucous, they gave you yeast infections, they weren’t quite …

Organic Coconut Butter

Why it’s Great to Cook with Coconut Butter

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Much has been written about coconut oil and it’s incredible health properties of late (including in my book The In-Sync Diet). One of it’s best features is that it’s good at high temperatures and so is ideal for frying and baking unlike most oils, including olive oil, that go rancid at high temperatures. But what’s the difference between coconut oil …

Salad and a Fork

The Maintenance Program

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This is probably the hardest part of any diet or fitness program. When you lose the focused, determined mindset and get back to regular living. I, of course, made it particularly hard for myself by going on holiday the minute I finished bootcamp. This meant that as well as all of the food and drink temptation, I also didn’t work …

Goodbye Bootcamp

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  I’m going to be honest, I only started all this so that I could fit into my favourite trousers again and so that I’d look half decent in my summer gear! Then of course, I got Fleur and Rhys involved and oh boy did they take it seriously. Before I knew what hit me, they took away all my …

Manolo Camp

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Boots schmoots! I feel firmly in the skinny pants, skimpy T shirt, skirt with heels camp! What bliss to have my clothes fit again. I do feel I’ve really earned it after being so disciplined and my only concern now is keeping it this way. Two weeks to go but will definitely be asking both Fleur and Rhys for a …

Bootcamp Booty

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  I’ve always prided myself on being very active and doing loads of exercise which, as you know and are probably sick of hearing me say, I insist is the closest thing to an anti-ageing pill. The horrible truth however, is that I may have been completely wasting my time in the gym! I may go and do weights twice …

Bootcamp Begins

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I may not be in some retreat somewhere with a hard bed and no pillow, or hiking up the mountains at 6am every morning, or being forced to eat stale bread where each mouthful has to be chewed a hundred times, but…….I definitely feel like I’m in bootcamp! And to think I’ve done this to myself! And because I’ve announced …