Rejuvenated Collagen Shots


Noah Hearle Glynis Loves

Rejuvenated is one of the best kept beauty secrets (well not that secret anymore as they’ve been winning multiple awards). It’s a company that specializes in supplements that help healthy ageing and benefit skin from the inside out. They have so many wonderful products that give real results but I have 3 favourites that I take daily.

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Marie Reynolds London

Noah Hearle Glynis Loves

I first met Marie Reynolds when she did her renowned Masterlift facial on me. I can only describe her as extraordinary. Marie is a gifted and incredibly knowledgeable skin therapist who has brought out a unique range of remarkable products. These 3 are my absolute favourites and I use them all religiously.

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Albizia Supreme

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This is simply one of the most amazing supplements I’ve ever used. No other supplement I’ve taken has given me a result as good as this. Of course we are all different and therefore results may vary, but for me this has been a life changer.

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