ARK Skincare

After my extensive search for a skincare range that met my exacting standards, I was thrilled to discover ARK.

Formulated from a collaboration between a chemist, a facialist and a naturopath, it’s the perfect combination of science meeting the natural world.

Filled with bioactive ingredients and anti-oxidants, it contains only a minimal amount of chemicals and none of the big “nasties’. The result is a skincare line that actually makes a difference to ageing skin without putting a toxic load on your face.

Added to this, it’s an award winning British brand, environmentally friendly, vegan and cruelty free. They also aim to keep prices as affordable as possible for what are top quality products filled with natural ingredients. 

I’ve curated a small collection from their extensive range that specifically targets ageing skins and the issues that arise from hormone loss. Included in this are their DEFY products targeted at the 50+ age range.  Consisting of 3 products, they all contain Vitamin C, perfect for brightening dull skin by fading pigmentation and evening out skin tone.  DEFY helps to combat the signs of  ageing like loss of elasticity and nourishes and plumps up skin cells.

They have some wonderful serums for all ages and I’ve included the best ones for mature skin.  I’m a huge fan of serums as they penetrate into the upper layer of the skin and consider them to be an absolute essential in any skincare regime.

And then there are, what I’m calling, the Hero Products. Absolutely brilliant and unique products that are some of the best I have ever come across.

This is a wonderful brand and I love it.