EVY Technology

Most premature skin ageing is caused by sun exposure. That’s why I think protecting your skin from UV rays is the one of the most important things you can do to look after and preserve your skin. I wear sun protection all year round.

The problem I’ve found is that so many sun creams are too thick or leave a white residue on the face. And on top of all your serums and creams it’s just too much.

And then I discovered Evy Technology. It has a lot going for it so here’s a list:

  • It’s a mousse that is so light and disappears almost instantly. If your skin feels sticky after a few minutes then you’re using too much.
  • It’s long lasting and will only need a top up after 6 hours even if you swim, sweat or dry yourself with a towel.
  • SPF’s refer to UVB protection and products often don’t have any or much UVA protection. Evy contains high UVA protection.
  • It doesn’t go off. Other sun protection creams go off quite quickly. This means that if you find a half used sun cream in your cupboard and use it, you may well be getting a lot less protection than you think.
  • It was designed for even the most sensitive of skins so suits all skin types. This includes people with vitiligo, sun eczema and sun allergies.

While these product is not completely natural, it contains no preservatives, fragrance or nanoparticles.

Free postage — UK only.