Evy Aftersun Mousse (150ml)


EVY Technology


Like the rest of the Evy products, this is a mousse, superlight, long lasting and highly effective. It will calm and hydrate for up to 12 hours. It won’t rub off and absorbs into the top layer of the skin rather than staying on the surface as with a moisturising cream. It leaves your skin silky smooth and is very cooling on irritated or slightly burnt skin. It will also help your skin to retain its tan.  You can even use it in your hair to protect it from the sun and water.

Contains no preservatives or perfume.


Shake the bottle and hold upside down to pump into your hand. Rub hands together and the mousse turns into a cream. After 10 minutes it should disappear and should not feel sticky to the touch. If it does, use less.

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