Studio 10

This is the best make-up range I have found for mature skin. As we age our skin needs a different kind of make-up and continuing with what we’ve always used can look very ageing. Ditch the powder for a start.

Even though I like to concentrate on organic and natural products, I have expanded my use of products to adjust to the ageing process. Make-up is one area where I have been unable to find natural products that actually do the trick. So vanity has won out. This range however is top quality, paraben free and cruelty free.

More mature skin needs products with a silky texture that are hydrating and give a dewy, plumping and smoothing effect. I love these and use them myself on a daily basis.

It’s a small capsule collection to give a flawless, natural look. This should be the foundation to your look. It’s natural and glowing. You can add more to the eyes if you like or a darker lipstick to give a more made up look.

Free postage for Studio 10 orders over £35 — UK only.