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Can fasting increase the risk of cardiovascular death?

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Fasting and especially intermittent fasting, has become a very popular trend. In fact, when Fleur Borrelli and I published The In-Sync Diet back in 2015, we were one of the first proponents of it. The reason it has become so popular is because of the incredible health benefits. People who take up intermittent fasting often see their health transformed It …

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Does a lack of beauty sleep affect skin?

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As Liz Earle said in our recent interview, sleep is not a passive activity. It’s a busy time for urgent repairing and replenishing. Good quality sleep is vital for good health, good mood and a clear brain. In today’s article, Shabir Daya ( pharmacist at Victoria Health ), talks about the effect that lack of sleep has on our skin. …

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A second better half with Liz Earle

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I’ve always felt such kinship with Liz Earle as she is most definitely a girl after my own heart. She’s been writing and presenting on all subjects of health since the early 1980’s and has so often been ahead of the curve. Most of you will know Liz from her incredibly successful skincare range She’s also the author of over …

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What you need to know about Ozempic

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The weight loss drug, Ozempic, has taken the world by storm. We’ve all watched as Hollywood stars have been shrinking dramatically in size. And not always with the best results. People are walking around with what’s been coined as “Ozempic” face The loss of facial fat can leave people looking rather gaunt which is not always flattering, specially on a …

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Are continuous glucose monitors a good thing?

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We probably all know someone who has signed up for one of the latest apps that monitors every aspect of your health. And it usually starts with wearing a CGM (continuous glucose monitor). I’ve noticed some odd behaviours in people wearing monitors Shrieks of alarm when checking the monitor after eating some perfectly healthy bit of food, anxiety about eating …

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How to give yourself a spring boost

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Spring is in the air at last, flowers are blooming, the trees are green and birdsong fills the air, which makes now the perfect time for a little spring boost. The great outdoors is beckoning It’s time to head into the countryside or your local park. Walking in nature is incredibly beneficial. It’s great exercise, helps to relieve stress and …

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Dr Zoë Harcombe addresses your questions

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I recently posted a video interview with Dr Zoë Harcombe called “How nutritious are vegetables really?” A lot of the information Zoë shared was news to me and I knew it would it get a big reaction from people. Specially from vegans and vegetarians. We’ve all been brought up to believe that there is nothing on earth more nutritious than …

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How to treat and prevent cold sores naturally

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Cold sores can destroy a person’s confidence. Getting this uncomfortable and unsightly sore in the middle of one’s face (usually on the lips) can play havoc with everything from social life to work life. I used to get them on my ear which is such an unusual place that for years I didn’t know what it was. Neither did the …

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Why muscles will help you live longer

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When I was a child and used to do ballet, all my class mates had beautifully toned legs with shapely calves and thighs. I had two skinny little twigs and seemed incapable of developing muscle no matter what I did. I had muscle envy! And I still do. Some people (remember Madonna’s arms?) just look at a weight and get …