Non-Emotional Contract Interview

The non-emotional contract

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You may know Marie Reynolds as a skin guru extraordinaire, but it turns out she is also a sage. Treating her many clients often turns into a form of therapy and she wanted to find a way to practically help them with their stress. Marie kept seeing clients overwhelmed by stress She noticed the emotional way they tried to deal …

Mouth of Woman with Pink Out of Focus Background

How your teeth can affect your brain

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It sounds crazy I know, but the state of your teeth and gums can actually cause your brain to shrink. How can this possibly be, I hear you say? It turns out that the loss of teeth and even mild gum disease, has been shown to cause a faster rate of shrinkage in the left hippocampus. If gum disease is …

Sugar Spoon Split Colour

How to curb sugar cravings

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After posting about natural alternatives to sugar, it seems a good time to talk about sugar itself. Over consumption can have huge repercussions on our health, but it’s not always easy to avoid. For one thing, sugar is addictive in a similar way to alcohol and nicotine. In the article below, Shabir Daya, pharmacist at Victoria Health, looks at the …

No Mo Su Book

The low down on natural sweeteners

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We all know that sugar is the devil but it usually doesn’t stop us eating it, as the craving for sweet things is real. But what about the wide variety of sugar substitutes? Good or bad? Sugar substitutes comprise of the good, the bad and the very, very ugly The chemical ones like aspartame, sucralose and saccharin are poison in …

Glycine Formula

The amino acid that can extend lifespan

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There’s a non-essential (meaning your body can make it) amino acid called glycine, that has some staggering benefits. However, as with so many things, as we age, our body is unable to make enough of it. And you definitely don’t want that to happen. Even though I’m a strong believer and taker of supplements, I didn’t know much about glycine …

Night Day Field Dream

Are you getting sufficient sleep?

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Sleep is very important to us all. It’s vital for our health, mood and well-being and yet so many of us struggle to sleep well. It also seems to be something that can get worse with age. We tend to wake up earlier and earlier, no matter how late we go to bed. I’ve found that to sleep well, I …

Glynis Holding Sea Salt

Why plain water won’t properly hydrate you

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You would think that drinking plenty of water through the day would fully hydrate you, wouldn’t you? There are, however, a few crucial points to consider. Firstly, as mentioned in my book The In-Sync Diet, co-written with nutritionist Fleur Borrelli, it’s important to drink larger amounts when thirsty, rather than taking little sips through the day. Little sips will not …

Vitamin Pills on Dark Surface

Vitamins for men over 40

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Even though most of the health and wellbeing I write and talk about is for everyone, my focus is mostly on women. So, here is one specifically for the men. Written by pharmacist Shabir Daya, he looks at the supplements that could be of benefit to men as they age. Personally, I’m a big fan of supplementation However, it’s not …