Joan Kingsley and Glynis Read More Health, Stress Management Following on from a previous video with psychotherapist Joan Kingsley about the effects of lockdown on our brains, she and I do a... Tips for coming out of lockdown (video) Heartburn Letters Read More Health I count myself very fortunate that so far I have never suffered from heartburn or acid reflux. However I understand that it's not... Natural remedies for heartburn Laughing Girls Sitting Down Read More Diary Today's article is written by Grace Fodor, founder of my new favourite makeup range Studio 10. And it's about a subject very close... Why girlfriends matter – especially as we age Grace and Glynis Read More Diary Over the next week I'll be posting 3 videos of me applying all the lovely Studio 10 makeup that I spoke about in... The "no make-up" make up look with Grace Fodor (video) Glynis on Sofa Read More Stress Management Anxiety and stress can be very debilitating and I know because I've suffered from both at various times. The last year, since the... Breathing exercise for anxiety (video) Ageless By Glynis Barber Logo

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Why Ageless?

If you want to know how I’ve navigated the ageing process, which products I use, what treatments I do and find out all my secrets, then this is the place for you.

And I can tell you right now that my top secret is health. I believe that health is the key to beautiful ageing and a happy life.

As an actress, I am constantly having to see myself onscreen and online, so there’s no hiding from the cold, hard truth. It’s just as well that health is a passion of mine and that I started taking good care of myself, from the inside as well as the outside, many years ago. And I believe that it’s paid off.

I cover everything here, from stress relief to supplements, to the best that natural beauty has to offer. And I adapt at each age and change the type of products that I use. You will find it all here.

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