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Let’s talk about collagen (video)

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We tend to think of collagen as connected only with skin, hair and nails.  However, collagen is the glue that holds everything together throughout the body. It’s probably the most important component of our biology. The surprising fact is that our collagen starts to diminish in our twenties By the time we reach our forties, this diminishing really starts to …

Help for thinning hair

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I’ve been a big fan of the Victoria Health website for many years. It’s one of the first sites that stocked great beauty products as well as having many products aimed at enhancing good health. They’ve also introduced some of the most innovative products over the years including Niod and The Ordinary. So It’s very exciting to me that they …

Marie Reynolds Six Supplement Bottles

Marie Reynolds Beauty Supplements

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I recently wrote about Marie Reynolds’ new and exciting skincare range. Looking at skin from a healing and holistic angle and coupled with her vast knowledge on everything to do with skin, Marie takes a very innovative and different approach to skincare. This has led to her creating products for within as well as without Her supplement range is designed …

My Platinum Award Favourites

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I had a great time in September being a judge at the Platinum Awards (founded by Janey Lee Grace). I was given a whole bunch of diverse products in all kinds of categories and found some surprising and wonderful treats. Here are the ones that I absolutely loved and that are now stocked in my cupboard. Infuse MY Colour – …

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How to combat hairloss in women

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The legendary Philip Kingsley (he coined the phrase “bad hair day”) founded his world renowned hair clinic and treated everyone from Audrey Hepburn to the regular man in the street. And he was loved by them all. Now his daughter Anabel is following in his footsteps and has become a trichologist herself. Here she gives us some valuable insight into …

The Results of Trichotherapy Trial for Hair Thinning

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Three months ago 3 Ageless subscribers were given the opportunity to try out hair guru Philip Kingsleys’ new ground breaking product for helping hair that’s thinning, Trichotherapy. The ladies were given a 3 month supply of the product worth £200 each. So is this product as amazing as Philip Kingsley claims (his trials revealed that it helped 79% of people …

Hair Loss in Women: The 12 Most Common Causes

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I’ve written about hair loss before but it’s such a distressing and emotional occurrence that’s it’s worth revisiting. Here world renowned trichologist and hair guru, Philip Kingsley, gives us the most common causes for it and more importantly, practical advice on what to do about it. The incidence of hair loss in women is very underestimated: There are as many …

Is Colouring Bad For Your Hair?

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Philip Kingsley, trichologist to the stars and many many others, has now coined my favourite phrase. Closet colourer!! He is assuming that all these closet colourers are men, that they don’t like to admit they colour their hair. I’ve always thought that you can tell a colour job a mile off on a man, because it’s always so obvious. Obviously …