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How I give my hair beach waves

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I’ve been asked so many times to show how I do my hair and here it finally is. I’m no hair whizz, trust me, so I’ve put it off as long as I can. However, thinking about it, I think that’s a good thing because if I can do it, so can you.

Of course it totally depends on your hair type. If you have poker straight hair, this probably won’t work. If you have very curly hair, you probably already know what to do. But for all of you with hair that isn’t quite straight but doesn’t have much of a curl, this will probably be perfect. I can’t help thinking that will be most of you?

In fact, my hair is quite curly in some areas and almost straight in others which makes it tricky.

I’ve devised a method which I call “twist and scrunch”

On some days it works well and others it doesn’t. It really depends what mood my hair is in! However, I have an extra little trick for those bits of hair that just won’t behave. This video is meant to be fun and a bit of a laugh but hopefully you’ll find my very first hair video useful.

I’ve also been asked what products I use and in fact, I’ve made a wonderful discovery of a range called Davines. It’s the best range I’ve come across in years. I learnt about it from my hairdresser who sells it on his site here:

All together now….twist and scrunch!

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  1. The twist is something I’ve been doing for many years in the summer mainly (for beach curls) but I’ll try the damp towel scrunch Now too. 👍 saves blow drying

  2. I used to twist and tie in rags years ago and sleep in it and results lasted ages. I have a pair of straighteners included with my little Ego hair dryer which I’ve had for some years now, and if I want this effect just wrap strands around that and effect is the same. Also there is a hair thickener product from Tweek’d by Nature from QVC which you can add to hair, wet or dry, only need little, and it will thicken and style just by using hands to put into place. Mostly I just wash and leave so not using any appliance at all then style with my hands.

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