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I recently wrote about Marie Reynolds’ new and exciting skincare range. Looking at skin from a healing and holistic angle and coupled with her vast knowledge on everything to do with skin, Marie takes a very innovative and different approach to skincare.

This has led to her creating products for within as well as without

Her supplement range is designed to treat skin health with cellular nutrition and visceral hydration as well as supporting colon health and digestion and protecting against inflammation. The aim is to minimise ageing through the repairing and fortifying properties in the supplements.

Besides the beauty and skin focus, these are good all round supplements to have in your arsenal

I’ve always maintained that good health leads to glowing healthy skin. And of course the starting point for good health is good food and plenty of exercise. Supplements are the cherry on the top but are not to be underestimated.

Her range of products is truly impressive:


This powerful supplement has 4 important functions. It’s an all in one Candida yeast balance, digestion, colon health and detox support supplement. It’s active herbals, probiotics and natural cleaning agents offer anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory actions. Best used in conjunction with a low yeast, low sugar diet.


A nutrient dense formula, this has an alkalising and detoxing effect. It contains many organic ingredients, including, seaweed (making it iodine rich), spirulina, artichoke, green tea and cayenne pepper. It has the ability to normalise thyroid production as well as skin health.


Specially designed for women, this can help harmonise hormonal influences particularly with symptoms of the menopause and PMT.


A blend of turmeric (one of the most powerful and beneficial spices in my opinion), herbs and nutrients. As well as supporting bone and joint health and lowering inflammation, it also helps with hormone balance, immunity and is a great one for skin, hair and nails.


This one, as the name suggests, contains collagen which is vital for many things including skin. It also contains vitamin C, copper, niacin and selenium which all promote healthy skin, hair and nails. It helps protect the body on a cellular level from ageing and oxidative stress.


A pure amino acid powder (L-Glutamine) designed for repairing and maintaining many vital functions such as wound healing, muscle and bone growth, digestive health and gut wall integrity.

As you can see this is quite a powerful selection of supplements. It’s not necessary to take them all so if you’re interested in seeing if you can change your skin from within, go with the ones that resonate with you or with the ones that help with problems you know you have.

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