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I had a great time in September being a judge at the Platinum Awards (founded by Janey Lee Grace). I was given a whole bunch of diverse products in all kinds of categories and found some surprising and wonderful treats. Here are the ones that I absolutely loved and that are now stocked in my cupboard.

Infuse MY Colour – Treat

Great for coloured hair, this conditioner didn’t feel very rich when applied to my dried out summer hair but afterwards my hair looked miraculously hydrated and restored. This vegan and completely natural product is fantastic. I look forward to trying out their other products which include shampoos that naturally revive and restore coloured hair.

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Incognito Skin Moisturiser

This is one of the products I’m most excited about. I know that mosquitoes are probably not uppermost on your mind right now, but trust me when I tell you that you need this when you next go away. I got bitten to death on one of my trips this year, from my face down to my toes, but on my next trip armed with this, not a single bite.

I’ve never come across products quite like it and think it’s genius. The range consists of all natural creams that moisturise and either contain an SPF or after sun properties as well as protection against mosquitoes. How brilliant is that? An after sun cream that’s all natural and protects you at the same time? To maximise protection they also have sprays and lots of other products. This will change your life.

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Zone Face Lift

This is a beautiful facial oil infused with amethyst crystals (which are floating around in the bottle) and white poppy seed oil as well as Native American healing herbs. Designed to lift, hydrate and tighten, this oil is an absolute treat.

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Bowe Lash Oil

I forgot to include it in the photo but this little black bottle of organic oil is well worth checking out. The oil is designed to hydrate, thicken and lengthen eyelashes. I’ve been using it for about 6 weeks now, but rather randomly as I keep forgetting to apply it, and can definitely see a difference. My lashes have thickened visibly which is thrilling as they need all the help they can get. It’s completely vegan as well.

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Rejuvenated – H2O Hydration

Anyone who reads my post regularly will know that I’m a big fan of Rejuvenated products. I was asked to judge their H2O Hydration (a powder that you drink with water) which was something I was already using. I try to drink this every day but always use it when flying or when the weather is very hot or I’m feeling dehydrated for whatever reason. Fleur Borelli (my nutritionist partner on ) once tested my hydration levels after using it and they had shot right up. Staying hydrated is crucial for health as well as weight management and maintaining healthy skin.

I also use their Collagen Shots to really maximise my skin quality. Another amazing product.

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NATorigin Lipstick in Lychee

I’ve been looking out for good natural make ups so was delighted when I found this organic lipstick to be both wonderfully nourishing on the lips and a lovely colour. Although a little darker than I would normally wear, it’s quite sheer with a lovely sheen. The colour is flattering and I suspect would suit most people. I will definitely be trying more of their colours.

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Atlantis Skincare Eye Cream

This anti-ageing eye cream with hyaluronic acid is deeply nourishing and helps smooth out fine lines round the eyes. It contains aloe vera leaf juice as well as natural oils and butters yet is light and not heavy at all. I haven’t used an eye cream in ages as I tend to use serums round my eyes, but am absolutely loving this natural handmade cream.

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