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Let’s talk about collagen (video)

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We tend to think of collagen as connected only with skin, hair and nails.  However, collagen is the glue that holds everything together throughout the body. It’s probably the most important component of our biology.

The surprising fact is that our collagen starts to diminish in our twenties

By the time we reach our forties, this diminishing really starts to accelerate. Lines and wrinkles start to appear, joints start to ache and from fifty onwards, the acceleration goes into warp speed.

I believe that taking a collagen supplement and eating collagen rich foods (bone broth being top of the list), is the best thing you can do for your skin and, of course, the rest of your body.

Taking collagen treats your skin from the inside

This will give you a better result than any skin product, in my opinion. However, the market is full of collagen products, so where to start?

I tried many of them over the years but never really got a visible difference. Then after I started this website, I discovered a company called Rejuvenated which specialises in supplements for the skin and longevity.

Their number one  product is Collagen Shots

And I’m a huge fan. It’s a very pleasant tasting drink (most collagen drinks are pretty foul) and I try to have it every single day. I’ve come to know the founder of the company, Kathryn Danzey, and am hugely impressed by both her and the company. I have seen first hand the pain staking research and quality of ingredients in their products.

But so far I haven’t managed to pin Kathryn down for an interview…..until now.

Today is my first video interview with her and we talk all about collagen and in particular Collagen Shots. I was thrilled to discover that Collagen Shots are even good for bones. After my previous article about foods that can deplete bones and the fact that the menopause accelerates bone loss, this is very welcome news. Watch the video below to find out how Collagen Shots helps with bone strengthening.

If you want to check out Collagen Shots and the other Rejuvenated products then you can do so on the GLYNIS LOVES page (where you can also get free postage on your order).

Click below to go straight there:


I hope you enjoy my video interview with the lovely Kathryn:

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