Leslie Abrahams and Glynis Barber

How to medicate a bad back

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I sit down and have another chat with physiotherapist, Leslie Abrahams, about bad backs. This time we discuss how  to most effectively use over the counter medications.

He explains how the body creates inflammation in order to heal injuries and that medications like anti-inflammatories can be counter productive if used incorrectly. The science and thinking on these have dramatically changed over the last decade.

If you are suffering from a bad back, I would recommend going on the Ageless YouTube channel to check out my previous video with Leslie. It’s full of insights on what is happening when we do some minor movement like a sneeze or bend and end up in a world of pain.


Leslie practices in south west London and if you’d like to contact him then you can do so via his website:

Bodies Under Construction

I hope you enjoy today’s video.


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