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How to do a grown-up glamour makeup (video)

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Earlier in 2022, I had a Studio 10 makeover for the Soap Awards, where the makeup artist used the Visible Lift I-Radiance eye palette. It’s been in the Ageless Shop ever since and I’ve had multiple requests from people to do a proper tutorial on how best to apply it.

This eye palette gives you sophisticated glamour

It truly is a beautiful palette with flattering tones and the sheerest of shimmers to up the glamour quota. After many months, I finally managed to get Studio 1o founder, the very busy and very wonderful Grace Fodor, to show us how it’s done.

And it’s surprisingly easy to do

As you will see, no great skills are needed to achieve a glamourous and flattering look. Despite the shimmer, this pallette works just as well during the day. We show how you can do a neutral look or build up to get full on evening glamour.

If you’d like to check the palette out in the Ageless Shop just click here:

Visible Lift I-Radiance

As ever with my videos with Grace, it’s packed with makeup tips all the way through, so watch all the way to the end if you can.

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