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How to silence the inner critic (video)

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Do you have an inner voice that tells you off all the time? It tells you how you’re not good enough and how everyone else is far superior, more successful, smarter, thinner and on and on. According to hypnotherapist Zoë Clews, this voice is aimed at the inner child who is often troubled and vulnerable.

In this video she shares a wonderful and simple exercise to soothe the inner child and diminish the power of the inner critic.

Give your inner child a hug

Zoë explains about the negative introject which is another name for the inner critic.  If anyone else spoke to us like that we could call them a bully and would definitely not want them in our lives.

The inner critic can be savage

And it’s usually an echo of a critical parent or someone from our childhood. The wounded child is the victim of this inner critic. Zoë talks us through a simple way to protect ourselves and quieten the negative voice. I was amazed as she described the method as it’s something I’ve done for years with myself instinctively. I’ve always found it very helpful and incredibly soothing. She explains how her many clients who have tried it have had a similar positive experience with it.

This exercise is so simple and so incredibly effective

If you would like to contact Zoë directly for some professional help then you can do so via her website:

Zoë Clews and Associates

I hope you find this exercise helpful.

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