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Natural help for the menopause (video)

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The menopause is a big topic these days. Everyone seems to be talking about it which is a good thing. No more hiding the subject in the shadows and only talking in whispers or not at all.

The menopause is a beast with many heads

It can be mild or it can be quite life changing in it’s intensity. Some women will go into a terrible depression and some will start feeling anxious. This is something I experienced and in fact, when my menopause first started, I immediately started having the most awful panic attacks for the first time in my life. Thankfully they only lasted for a few months but I can tell you, they were the longest months of my life and were so crippling that I couldn’t work for 6 months.

The fact is, the symptoms that can arise, are incredibly varied. It can affect joints, libido, sleep and mood just to name a few. Irritability is common.

The bad moods can be intense

I chose to go onto bio identical hormones and they have worked very well for me. Most women will try HRT of some description and it can make a huge difference.

In today’s video I discuss a natural alternative with Kathryn Danzey, the founder of one of my favourite company’s, Rejuvenated. They specialise in the most wonderful supplements designed to boost skin health and wellbeing.

Their newest product is Female Hormone Support

It’s a natural supplement designed to balance hormones. It can be used at any age (over 18) and for any hormone issues from PMT to the perimenopause to the menopause. Their research shows the results are excellent and was shown to be of particular help to women going through the menopause.

You can check the product out on the link below. Add the code AGELESS to receive your P&P for free:


Kathryn explains in the video that she created the product because her clients were asking her to. It makes sense, because Rejuvenated’s products address all of a girls’ needs, from their award winning Collagen Shots to Hydration to the ultimate youth supplement which I will be writing about soon. Find out more by watching the video below:




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