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The supplements you need to be taking now

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I’ve always been a great believer in supplements for maintaining optimum health and if ever there was a time to start taking them, surely that time is now. It’s been widely acknowledged that good health is crucial to fighting off and surviving Covid. The most vulnerable are those with underlying conditions. Many of these conditions (diabetes, obesity) come from our …

Glynis Skin Under Microscope

My skin under the microscope (Part 3) – The results

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It isn’t every day that a lockdown happens in the middle of a beauty experiment. After having my skin analysed by the Visia machine back in February at The Harley Street Skin Clinic and finding that it was depressingly wrinkled and sun damaged, I was prescribed some specialist products to tackle the issues. If you missed Part 1 which describes …


Skin Food

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A couple of months ago I wrote about Marie Reynolds, holistic facial and skin practitioner extraordinaire, bringing out her first skin products. The Epidermal Blanket, two skin products designed to nourish and hydrate and with either a copper or a quartz wand no less, to aid the process, is both as wonderful and unusual as one would expect from someone …

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A gem of a skincare range

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I’ve tried so many fabulous natural skincare products since starting this site that I was becoming a bit blasé. In fact I have so many to get through that in all honesty I often only use them for a few days and then move on to the next ones. It’s frustrating at times and my skin has forgotten what it’s …

Africa Organics

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It’s not often that I find products from the land of my birth so when I found the Africa Organics brand as I was browsing on Love Lula, I was instantly intrigued and of course had to try them. And they are rather special. At the moment the range is quite small consisting of shampoo, conditioner, body wash and body …

Our HD Brows competition Winner Gets Her Make Over

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After having a fabulous response to our competition to win a specialist eyebrow make over, courtesy of HD Brows, we found our winner in Sarah Walker. HD Brows founder, Nilam Patel, chose Sarah out of the many entries as she thought her very fair brows would show how this treatment works for everyone. Sarah’s special day took place at the …

Stepping Out – Week 3

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We cha cha cha’d, we shook our booty, we danced ourselves into a frenzy but……failed to impress the judges! Wayne Sleep was lovely and fair as ever but the others seemed to have it in for my man! They gave him no credit whatever in learning a very fast and furious dance in 4 days! They threw insults at him …

Stepping Out – Week 2

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Oh dear oh dear! Our second dance went down like a cup of cold tea! While everyone else shimmied and smouldered, we did Line Dancing with such a huge crowd of backing dancers that you couldn’t even see us! Our one big moment of jumping backwards off our platform and crowd surfing was completely lost by the strange sideways camera …

Stepping Out – Week 1

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Oh my goodness, that was such an adrenalin rush on Saturday night doing the tango with my husband LIVE on television! My husband, who seemed to go into a funk the day before with his attention span plummeting to below zero, a swollen foot that caused him to limp when walking never mind dancing and an attitude that can only be …

Stepping Out – Lead up to Week 1

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So the time has finally arrived! After 5 weeks of dancing, falling over, sprained limbs, muscle spasms, bruises, physio, icing, frustration, excitement, anticipation and sheer terror, there is nowhere left to hide! It’s dance time! We’ve had a lot of fun with all the other couples. There’s a great sense of camaraderie and whilst a certain amount of competitiveness is …