People with Red Wine Cheers

The incredible health benefits of wine

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Following on from my previous video about wine, I’ve now had a chance to talk to the author of “The very good news about wine” himself. What Tony Edwards, a science writer and investigative health journalist, had to tell me, is nothing short of miraculous. Drunk moderately, wine has incredibly beneficious properties and even protective ones against some of the …

Woman on Mobile Phone

Are man-made electromagnetic fields safe?

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The chances are you own a smart phone, have wifi in your home, use blue tooth and perhaps have a smart meter. Let’s be honest, most of us love the convenience of our phones and are pretty addicted to our screens but have you ever considered if they impact your health at all? Are these EMF’s safe? Many of us …

Cacao Beans

The benefits of raw cacao powder

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I know that cocoa powder is fondly associated with hot chocolate and marshmallows, but it’s a poor cousin of the much more nutritious cacao powder. While they both come from the cacao bean, there’s a big difference in how they’re produced. Cacao powder retains all the wonderful benefits of the cacao bean And you can use cacao powder in exactly …

Red Wine Pour Into Glass

Some good news about alcohol

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Alcohol has had a bad rap in the last few years. For many years we were told of the French paradox, whereby the French who consume high amounts of dietary cholesterol and saturated fats, have low incidences of CHD (coronary heart disease).  It was often muted that this was because of their consumption of wine, in particular, red wine. Now …

Sakiko and Glynis Zoom Video

Is satiety the key to natural weight loss?

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The new year is often a time when people think about starting a diet. Something that they might stick to for a few weeks but then, inevitably, their motivation starts to wane. Who wants to deprive themselves in the middle of winter? The fact is that deprivation is hard. And when it’s cold and dark, it’s even harder. Could the …

S Magazine Cover

Glynis talks to S Magazine

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I was recently on the cover of S Magazine (Sunday supplement in the Sunday Express). In the interview (which also appeared in the Sunday Mirror), I talk about acting, Ageless and how I overcame anxiety with a very special breathing exercise, alongside some other techniques I’m posting the interview here as some people were not able to access it. In …

Smooth Stepping Stones in Lake

7 Japanese techniques to navigate life

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I was scrolling through instagram the other week, as you do, when I came across this and it stopped me in my tracks. I thought it was quite wonderful and felt the urge to put it up here for you all to see. I want to fully acknowledge and thank @librarymindset who posted it under the title “7 Japanese techniques …

Pill Opening Towards Brain Line Art

Nootropics for sharper brain function

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The word “nootropics” has suddenly started popping up all over the place. But what are they and why is everybody talking about them? Nootropics are supplements that can help improve brain function The first one I heard of was Lion’s Mane and now both my husband and son swear by it. It seems to help with focus and cognitive ability. …