Green Matcha Tea Powder

The benefits of drinking matcha tea

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I’ve been drinking green tea for years. I love the subtle taste and the gentle caffeine hit never affects me in the same jittery way that coffee sometimes does. One of the reasons for this, is that green tea contains L-theanine which has a calming effect. Green tea is packed full of numerous benefits and has life enhancing properties. And …

Glynis at Gym and Weights Collage

Gym vs Home workouts

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Since the pandemic began 3 years ago, I haven’t been to a gym. Of course, to begin with there was no choice, but obviously I could have gone over the last year or two. So why didn’t I? After all, as you probably know, I love to exercise and consider it crucial to living a healthy life. The truth is …

Grace and Glynis

How to do a grown-up glamour makeup (video)

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Earlier in 2022, I had a Studio 10 makeover for the Soap Awards, where the makeup artist used the Visible Lift I-Radiance eye palette. It’s been in the Ageless Shop ever since and I’ve had multiple requests from people to do a proper tutorial on how best to apply it. This eye palette gives you sophisticated glamour It truly is …

Glynis with Make Up Brushes

The secret to flawless makeup (video)

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One of the best makeup tips I’ve ever been given during all my years of acting, was to always make sure I blended away any harsh lines, leaving my makeup looking effortlessly flattering. I know many people lack confidence when applying makeup but blending is easy and anyone can do it. Even if you haven’t applied your makeup particularly well, …

Aamer Khan with Glynis

Non-surgical treatments for the eye area (video)

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I’m not sure what I would do without Dr Aamer Khan from the Harley Street Skin Clinic.  He has been a constant stream of expert information for Ageless and has very generously given me the time to conduct a number of interviews now. I learn something new each time I talk to Dr Khan Although sometimes it’s not what I …

Laughing Girls Sitting Down

Why girlfriends matter – especially as we age

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Today’s article is written by Grace Fodor, founder of my new favourite makeup range Studio 10. And it’s about a subject very close to my own heart. What would we all be without our girlfriends? They really are the bedrock of my life too. PS I hope you’ve enjoyed the makeup tutorial videos with Grace this week? Remember that by …

Grace and Glynis

The “no make-up” make up look with Grace Fodor (video)

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Over the next week I’ll be posting 3 videos of me applying all the lovely Studio 10 makeup that I spoke about in a recent article: Make-up to make mature skin look dewy. Grace Fodor, the Studio 10 founder, guides me through the process and explains what these particular products do, why they work so well and how best to …

Supplements in Spoon with Vegetables in Background Blurred

The supplements you need to be taking now

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I’ve always been a great believer in supplements for maintaining optimum health and if ever there was a time to start taking them, surely that time is now. It’s been widely acknowledged that good health is crucial to fighting off and surviving Covid. The most vulnerable are those with underlying conditions. Many of these conditions (diabetes, obesity) come from our …