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The incredible health benefits of wine

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Following on from my previous video about wine, I’ve now had a chance to talk to the author of “The very good news about wine” himself. What Tony Edwards, a science writer and investigative health journalist, had to tell me, is nothing short of miraculous.

Drunk moderately, wine has incredibly beneficious properties and even protective ones against some of the world’s biggest health killers. And this is according to the data and research from around the world that he has painstakingly trawled through. His conclusions are very much at odds with what we’ve been led to believe.

Heart Disease

There have literally been hundreds of studies over the last 50 years showing that wine drinkers have much less heart disease than teetotallers. However, as Tony explains, there are still those in the media who try to deny this reality.


In the book, Tony dedicates a huge chapter to this subject and goes through the many types of cancer. In most cases there’s impressive benefit and in some cases, even protective benefits to drinking wine.


Despite the fact that wine contains sugar, it actually reduces insulin levels.


This is a frightening and ever growing condition for which there is no cure. A 34 year long study in Sweden consisting of middle aged women, showed a “robust protective association” among the wine drinkers in the group     – as much as a 70% reduction in risk if they drank wine.

These are just a few of the major health concerns mentioned in the book and the video below. Have a watch to hear what Tony has to say about it all and find out about more of wine’s incredible health benefits.

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  1. Thank you! I’m a one glass of wine a day girl, for the same reasons as you and will no longer feel guilty. Just one point that bothers me, all the pesticides sprayed on the vines as Tony mentioned. Makes me feel that wine which isn’t organically produced could be a health problem?

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