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Are man-made electromagnetic fields safe?

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The chances are you own a smart phone, have wifi in your home, use blue tooth and perhaps have a smart meter.

Let’s be honest, most of us love the convenience of our phones and are pretty addicted to our screens but have you ever considered if they impact your health at all?

Are these EMF’s safe?

Many of us have heard or read the odd rumbling about it not being good for us. When 5G arrived, these rumblings got louder. So, is there any truth to it?

The fact is that there are literally thousands of independent studies showing that EMF’s are indeed harzardous to our health.

Even the World Health Organisation has issued a warning

They declared that RF radiation, the type that radiates from cell phones, is a possible carcinogen.

In the meantime, the U.S government has arbitrarily suspended safety research on wireless radiation and has halted their National Toxicology Project.

Mmm how strange? Specially in light of the fact that this 10 year project was finding increases in cancer and DNA damage from exposure to RF radiation from cell phones.

There is no doubt that some people seem to be hyper sensitive to EMF rays.  Common symptoms are “hot head” and headaches. Other symptoms that are believed to be caused by EMF’s include anxiety, depression, insomnia, tinnitus and the above mentioned cancer. This is all hotly disputed and many people deny this to be true. One thing is certain however, some people are more sensitive than others and can physically feel the effects when they are close to an electro-magnetic field.

But what to do? We’re literally bombarded with it inside our homes, from our neighbours, from all the cell phone towers and even from space where there are satellites raining down radiation on to us.

Even if you don’t own a smart phone, there’s no escape!

I’m afraid I don’t have any magic solutions (although I’m researching as much as I can) but I do believe that by being sensible in our homes, we can make a big difference. Most people spend the majority of their time at home so this is a good place to limit exposure to EMF’s.

They say you should turn off your router at night. If you can, that’s great. Ours is not as simple as that so unfortunately we can’t. However, you can completely turn off devices at night and that includes your phone. So many people sleep with their phones next to their bed.

Never use your smart phone as an alarm clock

Always have it completely turned off at night and preferably leave it in another room. The chances are that by doing this you will find your sleep improves. EMF exposure interrupts sleep cycles and can impede the production of melatonin. It can leave you feeling tired when you wake up, irritable and even give you heart palpitations. With this in mind, don’t use any devices in the few hours before bedtime.

If you’re going for a walk, leave your phone at home. A walk in nature, where there are beneficial microbes in the air from trees and plants, will help cleanse your system of toxins. Having a phone in your pocket risks undoing the benefit. Try and limit your phone usage during the day (ok I admit, I’m talking to myself here) and turn it off whenever you can.

Try and avoid smart meters

These and other smart devices will only add to the radiation in your home. And try to limit Bluetooth. Headphones are a perfect example of this.  Avoid wireless ones. I see all these people in the streets with their pods in their ears and always think they’re sending radiation straight into their brain. I’m the girl sitting on the train with her old school wired headphones.

Take a look around your home and make a note of any device or product that uses EMF’s. See if you can turn things off, limit use or find an alternative. Just being aware and making some small changes can make a difference. If you’re one of the unfortunate ones who get very uncomfortable symptoms around EMF’s then much more drastic action will be needed.


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  1. I spoke to another friend about iphones
    etc., wfi too & radiation & she just
    signed on The Ageless for all tips & all.
    I am a member since the start with the
    1st book, i have it somewhere.
    Bsck to the 5Gs & radiation, i have a habit
    of scrolling & very rare i close, but now
    more likely to use less & close phone. Thank You Ageless. I am already a member like i already said.

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