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I was delighted to make an appearance on This Morning this week to talk about my favourite subject.

Health and wellbeing have been my passion for many decades now

They’d asked me to give my top tips for looking good at any age. I think they thought I would talk about beauty treatments and some quick fixes to turn back time.

However, I was adamant that I wanted to go deeper than that and include some health tips, as to me, health is the foundation of beauty. When you are healthy it’s reflected in your skin and your energy. There is a reason they say that someone “glows with health”.

This is the heart of Ageless

I therefore offered the four pillars to help look and feel great.

   1. Exercise

As I always say “exercise is the closest thing to an anti-ageing pill”.

Why? Because it helps with stress, releases feel-good hormones, helps our circulation and strengthens the heart which, after all, is a muscle. And then there is muscle mass. Having a good amount of muscle is incredibly important and is even connected to longevity. I’ll be posting an article about this in a couple weeks so watch this space.

     2. Collagen

Collagen is the glue that holds everything together. It’s important for our muscles and even our immune system. And we all know that collagen is important for skin. Those lines that start to appear in our forties are a sign of declining levels of collagen. I believe boosting collagen levels is more important than any skin product.

Supplementation and collagen rich foods are essential

I mentioned my go-to collagen drink – COLLAGEN SHOTS

I’ve also done a previous article and video about it that you can see here:

Let’s talk about collagen

      3. Stress Management

We are suffering from a stress and anxiety epidemic and I know first hand how debilitating this can be. After suffering from anxiety for a few years, I took a multi-facetted approach and was able to overcome it.

First off look to your breathing. Most of us do very shallow breathing without realising it. Taking deep breaths through your nose and into your belly can take you out of fight and flight mode. It’ll also help to reduce the stress hormones that are released when we’re anxious.

I demonstrated a breathing technique on This Morning that I use myself and have found very helpful. If you are anxious or very stressed I advise doing a few rounds several times though the day. It’s a great thing to do when you wake up and is very effective just before you go to sleep. Just one round will have an effect but I would suggest doing at least three rounds. If you are highly anxious, then do five rounds.

Here is the video I made so you can see exactly how to do it:

Breathing exercise for anxiety

I can also highly recommend a supplement that was a game changer for me.  It’s for depression, anxiety and insomnia and very few people know about it. It’s called Albizia which means “the happiness herb”. It was hard to find but it’s now on my GLYNIS LOVES page and you can find it there. Or just click on the link here:


    4. Eyebrows

Ok I may be into health but I’m as vain as the next girl, I promise. So yes, I do love beauty products and treatments but I believe there is one place you need to start before you do anything else.

Eyebrows frame the face and they can age you up or down by 10 years!

Thin over-plucked brows will make you look a decade older. Thick cookie-cutter brows will overwhelm your face. The key is to find the right shape for you. I think it’s worth having your shape professionally done and then you can probably handle it yourself at home from there.

I tattooed my eyebrows for years as I had the classic thin tadpole brows. I had hardly any hair so plucking was not an option. The tattoo gave me a great shape and now I just use an eyebrow pencil to define them (the tattoo fades unless you do it once or twice a year). I used to do this but since the pandemic I just use my pencil.

I found the absolutely perfect pencil that is a colour that suits nearly everyone. It’s a brown/grey colour and it’s saved me a fortune in tattooing sessions.

It’s in the Ageless Shop or you can just click below to find it:

Brow Lift Perfecting Pencil

And just in case you missed my segment on This Morning, you can watch it below.

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