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A beginners guide to meditation

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The practice of meditation is of great benefit as the mind and body are closely connected. Meditation can help lower blood pressure, reduce the stress hormone cortisol and is a wonderful way to process the turmoil and challenges of life.

A daily dose of meditation keeps stress at bay

It’s a discipline like any anything else, just like exercise, but once we make it part of our daily routine, it can have far reaching benefits in our lives.

Meditation can be intimidating

If you have never meditated, it can seem a difficult thing to do. Common misconceptions are that you mustn’t think when you meditate. That is simply not possible as our brains are thinking machines.

It’s how you engage with your thoughts that’s important

In the video below, I sit with Michael Brandon (my husband) who is an experienced meditation teacher. He’s taught in clinics as well as prisons in the UK and the US.

This is just a taster to get you started. How to settle down and get into the groove.

Give it a try.

Share the knowledge!

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  1. Thank You for that , I would love to try more. . I have done some before when I practiced yoga for many years.
    I think it is much easier when you have someone gentle talking you through it.
    I will definitely record this .
    Thank you again. 🙏

  2. That was so enlightening . I could have gone to sleep listening to Michael’s voice!
    Yes, definitely more videos but I need to master this one first.

  3. I loved this short guided meditation video
    Thanks so much for sharing it
    I’d certainly love to go deeper so any future videos would be gratefully received !

  4. Firstly, thank you both, myself and my wife Carlam do hope you undertake more meditation videos, take care, Melvin.

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