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Is satiety the key to natural weight loss?

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The new year is often a time when people think about starting a diet. Something that they might stick to for a few weeks but then, inevitably, their motivation starts to wane.

Who wants to deprive themselves in the middle of winter?

The fact is that deprivation is hard. And when it’s cold and dark, it’s even harder.

Could the answer be to simply listen to our bodies and stop eating when we’re pleasantly full? Biochemist Sakiko thinks so and explains why in the video below.

She also talks about the foods we should eat and when to eat them.

Here are some guidelines:

  • Ditch processed foods
  • Eat real whole foods
  • Eat plenty of fibre (fruit and vegetables)
  • Start a meal by eating fibre first (start with a salad or eat the vegetables on your plate first)
  • Stop eating when you’re full

Sakiko is also the founder of sugar free chocolate company NoMoSu. A healthy and nutritious treat with natural sweeteners that have numerous health benefits.

We did a previous video about these which you can watch here:

The Low Down on Natural Sugar Alternatives

Sakiko has also offered Ageless readers a 15% discount on her chocolate. Just use the code AGELESS:


Now watch our new video on natural weight management:

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