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I’ve been a big fan of the Victoria Health website for many years. It’s one of the first sites that stocked great beauty products as well as having many products aimed at enhancing good health. They’ve also introduced some of the most innovative products over the years including Niod and The Ordinary. So It’s very exciting to me that they have finally produced some products of their own in the form of a small but rather special hair range.

Why is this hair range so special?

Because they use a special compound called Fulvic Acid (giving the products their name) which addresses two important issues. It calms down inflammation and enhances keratin production.

This means that these products can actually increase hair thickness

So if you have damaged hair or thinning hair or hair that simply feels out of condition, these products are going to make a difference. They target the health of both hair and scalp using their patented formula. It’s worth noting that although these products contain many natural extracts they are not completely natural and also contain a small amount of silicone.

Fulvic Acid Shampoo

For both men and women, this shampoo specifically targets thinning hair but is for all hair types. I’m fortunate enough to have hung on to my thick head of hair, but I do have a flaky, troublesome scalp and this amazing shampoo delivers over 65 minerals to the scalp and hair follicles. The shampoo works to nourish and calm down any underlying inflammation whether from colouring or environmental damage (pollution being the worst offender). My hair felt bouncy and squeaky clean and my itchy scalp cleared up after a few uses. Studies on the shampoo showed a 14% increase in hair thickness within 6 weeks.

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Fulvic Acid Conditioner

My hair was left very dry after last summer and I’ve been struggling to get it back into condition. I was therefore thrilled to see my hair looking smoother and more nourished after using this. It does all the things the shampoo does as well, calming inflammation which encourages hair growth and increasing keratin production. It strengthens and nourishes damaged hair (like mine).

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Fulvic Acid Mist

If thinning hair is your problem then this product is another weapon to add to your arsenal. A spray designed to be used in conjunction with the shampoo and conditioner. You spray it onto your scalp and hair to encourage cell renewal and regeneration. You can even use on your brows and lash lines.

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Fulvic Acid Elixir

And if you want to really maximise results then they’ve also created this elixir to be consumed and work from the inside. I’m a great believer in supplements and working from the inside so thoroughly approve of this. This will help increase your collagen levels substantially and collagen is an absolute must for healthy, strong hair. And sadly collagen declines rapidly in our bodies from our twenties onwards. It therefore needs to be consumed from food or supplements. The fulvic acid compound is also rich in anti-oxidants, detoxes, neutralises toxins and is an all round super hero set to protect and repair.

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