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I’m a great believer in supplements and take a good handful every day. People often say that if you eat a healthy diet then it’s not necessary but I heartily disagree. We are now facing an unprecedented amount of toxic overload from our environment. The soil is depleted and so many foods are processed or filled with ingredients that cause inflammation.

This website offers top quality supplements where I get many of mine from.

My recommendations:

People often ask what supplements they should be taking and that will depend on your medical issues and medications that you’re on (in which case I recommend you check with your doctor first).

As a general rule I recommend taking D3 and K2 (these need to be taken together as they work in synergy and can be bought combined). Most people in northern climes or even in sunny locations where sunblock is regularly worn are deficient in vitamin D. This is a vital vitamin and your health depends on having sufficient amounts. I take 5000mg of D3 daily. Less in summer if I’m exposed to a lot of sunlight.

Also working in synergy with D3 and K2 is Magnesium. I take mine at night as it helps with relaxation thereby aiding restful sleep. These 3 combined are also vital for good bone health (I do NOT recommend taking calcium supplements).

Added to this I would recommend taking 2000-3000mg of Vitamin C a day. If I get ill I up it to 5000mg.

I also strongly suggest taking the incredibly protective antioxidant Quercitin. I take 200mg a day and have done since the start of the pandemic.

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