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The healthy sweetener

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We all know by now (surely??) that sugar is detrimental to health and can lead to weight gain, diabetes and god knows what else. To circumnavigate this unfortunate fact, who hasn’t tried out alternative sweeteners convinced that they’re much better for our health?  Maple syrup anyone? Or how about honey, dates, coconut nectar, fructose or maybe agave syrup?

But are they really any better than sugar?

This is where it gets tricky because some of these do indeed have healthful properties but at the end of the day, as one nutritionist said to me, sugar is sugar. Having said that, I’m quite partial to unprocessed wild honey myself, thinking it’s full of goodness (which it undoubtedly is) and coconut nectar is my go to for home baking.

But is there a sweetener that really is good for us?

One that is healthy, doesn’t raise glucose levels and is even beneficial for people with diabetes? Well heavens above, I think I may have found it.

I’ve been noticing that when I buy supposedly “healthy” treats that are keto or contain no sugar, they often contain chicory root. These products have no recognisable sugar in their ingredient list but still taste a little sweet. I began wondering if chicory root is some kind of sweetener because it seemed to be the common denominator in all these products. I decided to do some research.

Raw chicory root comes with many health benefits

It turns out that chicory root is indeed a sweetener, is really good for us and not only breaks down fat in the body but decreases insulin levels in the blood. What?? Why is everyone not talking about this? The only time I’d heard about chicory root before was as a caffeine-free coffee substitute!

It’s an ideal alternative to regular sugar for diabetics

And of course also for anyone watching their weight or maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It’s got a subtle sweetness, is low calorie, high in fibre and is often added to cereals, baked goods, protein bars and even “healthy” ice creams. It’s health benefits are quite dazzling and includes reducing the inflammation of rheumatism and arthritis, removing excess water and toxins from the body, supporting liver function, is a natural prebiotic, relieves indigestion and on and on. Oh and it can reduce bad LDL cholesterol as well.

It even has powerful anti-inflammatory and sedative effects on the nervous system

So what form does it come in and how do you use it? I’m still in the process of finding this out but apparently you can get it in syrup form and then use in dessert, shakes or to sweeten tea of coffee. I just haven’t managed to find any yet. The one health store I went to didn’t have any but I think bigger stores will.

I would be careful to only get a pure product however as if it’s highly processed with other ingredients added, it will lose it’s beneficial properties and likely contain sugar in some form.

However this is huge news as far as I’m concerned and I will definitely be seeking this out and giving it a try. I’ve had a look on the internet and think I’ve found a very promising company that seem to specialise in it.

Be sure to follow Ageless on instagram and/or FB and I’ll post photos of the products when they arrive.

More to follow……




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  1. Hi Glynis,

    I know an adress that can give you satisfaction regarding products with chicory root.
    This is Leroux company and her website’s adress is: In my family we use their
    products and I can say that it’s delicious, organic and 100% chicory root. There is even a syrup form. Their products can be bought on Amazon.
    Let you see.

    Bye Glynis. Have a sweet weekend.

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