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Tips for handling anxiety (video)

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Following on from my video of breathing exercises for anxiety reduction, I have now made a video with the strategies I myself have used to reduce anxiety. It’s a multifaceted approach which I firmly believe is the best way to go. There is sadly no magic wand or one thing that will overnight reduce anxiety and it’s important to use the many tools available to calm the nervous system.

See the Breathing for Anxiety video HERE

This being Ageless, these are all natural and holistic strategies

If you are on medication, you can still use these tips safely to further improve your condition, if you feel it necessary.

Please do watch to the end of the video because the last tip is, I believe, an important and relatively unknown one.

If you think it might be useful to someone else, please do pass the video on and remember to give it a like and the Ageless channel a follow on YouTube.

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  1. Hello Glynis,

    Thanks for your video, it’s really interesting and full of teaching.
    Personally, I’ve already practiced the breathing exercise that we can find on your Youtube channel, and I can confirm: it’s really effective. You can use it to gain a better quality of sleep, or just to prepare to sleep. It calms down in different situation ( excitation after good news, stress before an exam. . .) and it’s wonderful to wash the mind and so to make easier a refocusing on himself. After the exercise, you don’t remember what do you think about before it. Moreover there’s no need more few minutes and we can do it anywhere. It’s really good; so just do it.

    Simply for this breathing exercise, thanks a lot Glynis.


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