The Diet that Changed my Life – Part 2

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Fleur – How our food habits have changed. Nowadays we don’t have to stay hungry for long.  We can potter down to our local convenience store and pick something up within minutes of the first hunger pangs.  Our incredibly busy lives often mean that cooking is a thing of the past. Why bother when we have everything ready-made at the …

The Diet that Changed my Life – Part 1

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Glynis Last summer I went to see nutritionist Fleur Borrelli little knowing that she would make changes to the way I eat and the way I exercise that would have a very profound effect on my life. I would lose inches, as well as just under a stone/12lbs in weight, drop a dress size, gain lean muscle, have vastly improved …

Nutrition (Part 3) – Organic Food

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Ok, so I am one of those hippy dippy types who started eating organically in the mid 1980’s. Me and Prince Charles! It wasn’t easy mind you. There were only a sprinkling of health food stores and they only had a paltry few organic products. Up until then I had eaten pretty badly but I had recently become very interested …

Dangers of artificial sweeteners

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I posted an article on this week on how sugar is bad for us and is to be avoided. I also mentioned that artificial sweeteners are to be avoided at all costs which I think surprised some people. Diet drinks have got to be good, right? Help us keep slim? What’s not to like?

Nutrition (Part 2) – Sugar

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Personally I love the stuff and have eaten vast quantities in my life. I literally lived on sweets in my youth. But…..sugar is the devil!!!!!!! It is also highly addictive, so it takes determination to conquer it. Not everyone has a sweet tooth of course, but for those of us that do, let’s look at the compelling reasons to beat …


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The second tool in our Anti-Ageing Toolbox – Nutrition This is a huge subject and a challenging one, as dietary advice is a bit of a moving target. It needs regular updating based on new research. This will take quite a few instalments! One thing is for sure though, you can exercise like a demon, but if your diet is …