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Why The In-Sync Diet?

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There are a lot of diets out there and it’s all a bit confusing isn’t it? Is fat good or is it going to give you a heart attack? Should you eat low carb, high carb or high protein? Should you eat three meals a day with healthy snacks in-between to keep blood sugar levels stable? Well, the facts may surprise you. If you can even find out what the facts are. Nutritionist Fleur Borelli (with whom I wrote the best selling book The In-Sync Diet) and I are all about facts. That and the latest research which Fleur makes sure she stays on top of. To this end we have turned our diet into the most up-to-date, easy-to-do online programme. Here Fleur explains the concepts of our evolutionary based diet.

Did you know that genetically you belong to an era 50 – 60 000 years ago?

Contrary to what you may think, we adapt much more slowly than we realize and the changes to our environment particularly in the last 50 years have been unprecedented. And that causes chronic stress.

So now we are trying to exist as best we can in a modern world with all of the pressures that it brings. And we do this by trying to maintain our control over environment and preempting what could possibly happen. We drink in case we are thirsty rather than when we are thirsty. We eat before we are about to go out and move, whether we are hungry or not. We do most things whilst we are at a computer and we are moving less. And we try to stay ahead of the game by reducing our sleep time and working on into the night.

All of this is making us out-of-sync, our bodies are confused

Confusion means hormone dysregulation, disrupted energy levels, inflammation and the best survival mechanism we have amongst all of this chaos is to gain weight and store fat.

The In-Sync Diet is utterly unique in that it looks at all these factors that are making you out-of-sync. And through our four pillars of health – eat, drink, move and rest- we take you through a process of gradual change that aligns you with your genes so that you become slim, toned, healthier and full of vitality.


Many of the foods in the supermarket are ‘new’ foods as far as our genes are concerned, in particular ready-made and processed foods. This means that at best we are not getting the nutrients we need to be well and what is worse, they have the potential to cause chronic inflammation which is at the root of most chronic disease.

So we don’t just tell you to reduce your calories or to fast on some days and eat as you please on others. We provide you with foods and meal ideas based on the healthiest diet you should be eating, an evolutionary diet that is varied and plentiful. These foods will make you feel fuller for longer, leaner and full of health and energy – with plenty of choice for meat-eaters, vegetarians and vegans alike.


Other diets tell you how and when to eat but they don’t tend to tell you all about water. We can go for three weeks without food but water is another story. Our bodies should be mostly water and the functioning of our cells depends on it. When they are dehydrated they cannot function properly, we lose vitality and accumulate unwanted fat.

What if you were to learn how to drink according to the natural signals of your body so that your cells are properly hydrated and you stop storing fat?


Just because you do an exercise session each day does not mean you can sit at your desk for the rest of the time. Sitting for too long can mean you not only gain fat around the middle, your liver can store it and even your heart.

Learn through the different exercise techniques we give you, to shift the fat and become metabolically flexible. Metabolic flexibility means you are prepared for action and your body can provide energy for every situation you are in.


You, like your hunter-gatherer ancestors, are programmed for twelve hours of activity and twelve hours of rest. By disrupting this delicate day/night rhythm you are designed for, you are disturbing your hormones, disrupting your energy levels, setting yourself up for ill health and putting on the pounds.

We give you tips and suggestions that will help to bring back balance into your life paving the way towards and new slimmer, healthier you.

So The In-Sync Diet is so much more than just a diet. It is a lifestyle that will bring you rewards for many years to come. Not only will you be more toned, you will have more balanced hormone levels and even a better functioning digestive system too.

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  1. Dear Glynis,
    I find your website and the book very helpful- thank you. I recently started following the in-sync diet. I am currently on phase 2. Could you explain the rationale behind quitting the seeds? I thought they were very good for health. I normally add chia, sunflower,, pumpkin and linseed to my salads. Why should I stop?
    Thank you
    Kind regards

    1. Post

      Seeds can cause inflammation as they are actually embryos that protect themselves. So yes they do have nutritional value but the In-Sync Diet focuses on getting rid of inflammation which is vital for good health. The same nutritional goodness can be found in nuts which are fine on the diet.

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