Unhealthy Gut Ecology

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Here we continue our series on the gut by nutritionist Fleur Borrelli. In this third part we look at why it’s so important to keep a healthy balance of the good and bad gut bacteria. An imbalance can cause all kinds of problems. Diet, supplements (in particular digestive enzymes and probiotics) and stress management can all help.

Why is the Gut Referred to as “the Second Brain”?

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The big discovery on the gut is how much it affects our mental health and behaviour and is often referred to as “the second brain”. It’s quite hard to get ones’ “brain” round that concept isn’t it? And having too many of the “bad guys” in your gut, can make you overweight! Ok, I bet that’s got your attention? There’s …

Why our Gut Microbes are so Important

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Recent research has shown that the gut is crucial to good health. And it’s importance to every aspect of health, from  the immune system to our mental health, has been hugely underestimated.  The gut is teeming with bacteria and all sorts of microbes, some good, some bad. It is vital to get the balance right. Not enough of the good …

Top Five Natural Remedies for Immune Support

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Taking control of one’s own health is a very empowering thing. As viruses spread at an alarming rate around the globe and people everywhere are having to take time off work and are brought down by colds and flu multiple times a year, it’s really important to keep your immune system strong and healthy. If you do succumb to a …

Winter Health

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Winter is a tough time. Well not if you live in Los Angles or Cape Town or Miami or…… well loads of places but for most of Europe and many other places round the globe, winter is a time of colds, flu, low mood, and also weight gain. Why do these things happen and is there anything we can do …

What Are Bio-Identical Hormones?

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Hormones! Like it or not, we women are a slave to them. They can play havoc with our lives and make us utterly miserable.  As they decline all sorts of mayhem ensues and did you know waning oestrogen levels ages us and contributes to wrinkly, dry skin? Life is so unfair isn’t? But……..all is not lost. There are things we …

Bee Sting Therapy

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I was intrigued to hear that many people, Gwyneth Paltrow included, have been using some sort of bee therapy for health and beauty purposes. What on earth does this entail I wonder? Smothering skin in honey or maybe swallowing bee venom or maybe getting stung (yikes) for therapeutic purposes? I asked Tara Heath, based in Cailfornia, to find out what …

The answer to back pain?

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As you may know, a few months ago I put myself into a self imposed bootcamp. For 6 weeks I ate mostly protein, vegetables and a bit of fruit and worked out twice weekly with trainer Rhys Brooks. I’ve always worked out, doing regular trips to the gym as well as yoga. The difference was that I had Rhys twice …

What is sweating all about?

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After recently looking at the difference between Bikram and Hot Yoga, both of which leave you sweating buckets, it seems only logical that we should look at sweat! Is a regular heavy sweat good for you? Does it really detoxify you as claimed? OR not at all as one of my hot yoga teachers boldly declared to the class after …