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Everything you need to know about cholesterol

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Everything you think you know about cholesterol is probable wrong. Cholesterol has been demonised and blamed for ill health and heart attacks for many years now. But did you know that without it you would die? Everything from your hormones to immune system are dependent on it.

As we age, cholesterol actually becomes protective

Yes that’s right. People over the age of 60 with higher LDL (the supposedly bad cholesterol) tend to live longer.

But don’t take it from me. In today’s video I talk to top cardiologist Dr Aseen Malhotra, author of “A Statin Free Life”.

I feel very privileged that Dr Malhotra took the time to talk to me about this and I urge you to watch all the way though. It may throw many things you thought on it’s head and the information he gives is invaluable. I learnt so much (and I thought I already knew a lot) speaking to him both during the video and privately afterwards. I’m sure you will too.

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  1. Glynis I love your Articles & podcasts!
    Sat in the sunshine reading & knitting and listening to you …
    So many of my friends on statins
    Really helpful and alternative thinking. We must stop accepting what we are told & do the homework. Thank you

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