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Why you need to ditch your sunglasses

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Oh yes I know, sunglasses are cool. You get to hide away while looking glamorous and enigmatic. And choosing the right pair is like choosing the right jeans or a knockout dress or coat. It’s an important fashion statement. But let’s look at what happens inside our bodies with and without them.

What happens inside our body when we DON’T wear sunglasses?

On a sunny day light waves filter in through our eyes and head for our pituitary and pineal glands. This is how our brain knows to alert the body for direct sunlight. The skin then prepares for the important function of making Vitamin D from direct exposure to the sun.

And what happens when we DO wear sunglasses?

The brain has no idea it’s sunny and will be under the illusion that it’s cloudy. The skin then fails to prepare for the business of making Vitamin D.

Our biorhythms are also regulated by sun exposure and we need a hit of natural light when we get up in the morning and go for a walk or a run. It’s important for the production of melatonin which helps regulate our sleep.

If we don’t get enough daylight it affects our ability to sleep well

Biorhythms govern all our hormones so they are vital for our wellbeing and our mood. We need both sleep and natural light (absorbed through our eyes) to regulate hormones.

Light is as important as any superfood

This is why when the sun is shining and the sky is blue, people have a spring in their step and why in the winter people can feel quite low.

So next time you reach for those sunglasses just think about whether you really need them. There’ll be times sunglasses are necessary to shield your eyes from strong sunlight and it’s ok to wear them occasionally BUT use them sparingly. You’ll be surprised at how your eyes will become used to bright sunlight and less sensitive to the rays once you ditch the glasses.


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