Glynis Favourite Organic Skin Products

Glynis’ favourite organic skin products

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I may have broadened the field when it comes to skin products as I’ve aged, but my love for all things organic is alive and kicking. I like to mix and match products and also switch products every few months as I feel the skin benefits from change. Rather like our guts which thrive on a large variety of different healthy vegetables. So whatever I’m using, I’ve always got a few organic products on the go.

Green People have long been one of my favourite organic brands

I’ve met the founder and know them to be a company of great integrity. In today’s video I show some of my favourite products from their gorgeous Age Defy+ range, targeted at the over 35’s (which is hilarious because a 35 year old literally looks like a child to me!). Let’s just say this range is targeted at mature skin and is lovely. It’s got some real little gems in the range and you can see them all in the video.

If you’re interested in checking the products out or wish to buy with a discount, you can do so by clicking here: GLYNIS LOVES

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