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Age Defy+ range updates

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The Age Defy+ range by Green People remains one of my all time favourites. I love the fact that Green People are an organic, natural range with huge integrity, the fact the range is specifically aimed at mature skin and the affordable pricing.  The range has now had a package makeover and has been renamed Age Defy+ by Cha Vohtz. Charlotte Vohtz is the inspirational founder of Green People.

Age Defy+ is for women of 35+

It is full of youth-boosting botanicals that promote collagen synthesis, diminish wrinkles and even out pigmentation. They have added a couple of new products to the range which of course I had to try, while checking out the new packaging and re-acquainting myself with some old favourites:

  • The Line Eraser Serum is a must and a firm favourite

  • I love the Brightening Moisturiser that targets pigmentation while giving the skin a real boost

  • Their tinted moisturiser with SPF 15 is literally one of my favourite products ever

So with huge excitement lets see what’s new.

Hydra-Glow Sleep Mask –

Marilyn Monroe famously went to bed wearing only Chanel No.5. Well move over darling, because I go to bed in my hydra-glow skin mask (ok, ok there may be flannel pj’s involved as well) and wake up with peachy, glowing skin. This genius product, full of green algae, vitamins and omega oils, is hugely hydrating and leaves your skin looking as though you’ve had a wonderful nights’ sleep.

Can be used 2-3 times a week. Just use in place of your usual night time application. You could in fact use a facial oil over it for an extra boost (Age Defy+ does a great one) but I found that I didn’t need it.

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Pure Luxe Body Oil –

Now I know my body oils, having judged that category for the Natural Beauty Awards last year. I tried so many that I had to put a huge box in my bathroom to store them all. And I can tell you that this body oil is one of the best. What I came to understand about body oils is that the consistency needs to be thin and absorb quickly into the skin without leaving a greasy residue. At the same time it needs to leave your skin wonderfully nourished as if it’s covered in thick oil. And it needs to smell good and uplifting.

This new body oil by Age Defy+ has possibly the best consistency I’ve come across and disappears into the skin. It left my skin feeling like satin and smelling fresh and slightly herby. I suspect it was the neroli that gave it the gorgeous but subtle aroma. I absolutely love it and will be using it all up.


What fabulous Christmas presents these would both make!






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