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The organic range for dogs and cats

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My little puppy Gigi is now one of the girls and a proud member of Ageless. She’s been won over by the gorgeous new organic shampoos from Green People.

Yes that’s right, Green People have gone to the dogs

Well actually cats too and we couldn’t be more excited. They’ve called it allPaws and it’s the first certified organic range in the UK of pet grooming products. At the moment it consists of two absolutely gorgeous organic shampoos. One of them is perfume-free for our sensitive furry friends and the other is the deliciously scented Wild Mint. They are very, very good.

Gigi’s fur was super soft and she looked her very movie star best

The Wild Mint smells delightfully fresh and clean and had a wonderful effect on Gigi’s fur (she felt a bit like a feather boa). These shampoos gently clean and are made from pH-balanced natural actives that are sustainably sourced and suitable for all dog and cat breeds.

They are vegan-friendly as well as being organic

The tube is even made with eco-friendly plastic derived from sugar cane. Using highly concentrated plant actives, a little goes a long way so these generous sized tubes will last awhile. However it depends on the size of your pet. Obviously a great dane is going to get through it all a lot quicker than a maltipoo like Gigi.

The unscented shampoo is suitable for pets with extra sensitive skin. It’s also a good choice for a puppy’s first ever bath.

This organic range for pets is a welcome addition to the Green People line and gets a big thumbs up from me and Gigi.

allPaws Wild Mint Shampoo

allPaws Scent Free Shampoo

As you may already know, I’m a big fan of Green People and have done many articles about them (see link below).

They’ve also got some lovely new skin products out and you can be sure I’ll be writing about them very soon.


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  1. I honestly thought that cats & essential oils don’t mix. My understanding is that they can kill cats! Not that I can see our Tink keeping still long enough for us to use anything like this on her anyway!

    1. As a long time cat owner, cats are excellent self groomers. I have never had to bath my cat, and I can’t imagine ever doing this unless she were to get into some type of noxious substance, which would never happen as she is an indoor cat. I believe that Sphinx cats (who are totally hairless) do require bathing and lotions.

      1. Post

        I’ve always been a dog owner so have no experience of cats. However when it comes to dogs they definitely need a lot of washing and grooming. The rain and mud plays havoc on walkies.

    2. Post

      Not sure if they contain essential oils although they do contain plant actives. However I feel sure the good folk at Green People would not put anything in that cats would be allergic too. All their human products are particularly good for people with allergies and sensitivities.

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