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The supplements you need to be taking now

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I’ve always been a great believer in supplements for maintaining optimum health and if ever there was a time to start taking them, surely that time is now. It’s been widely acknowledged that good health is crucial to fighting off and surviving Covid.

The most vulnerable are those with underlying conditions. Many of these conditions (diabetes, obesity) come from our lifestyles and diet.

Losing weight is key as is exercise and a healthy diet

But what of supplements? I have read numerous articles over the last year on the importance of certain supplements and how people who are deficient in these are often the people who get the virus more severely.

So which supplements are we talking about?

Here is a list of the supplements that I believe could help protect you the most:

Vitamin D –

One of the least expensive vitamins on the market and one of the most important. Many people suffering from a severe reaction to Covid were found to be deficient in vitamin D. Taking this could be one of the most beneficial strategies to minimise risk of infection, not just from Covid but other infections as well. It can strengthen your immune system within weeks. I recommend a high dose version of D3 ( I take 5000 iu’s a day) and take it alongside K2 for maximum effect. In the summer if you spend a lot of time outdoors, you can reduce the number of iu’s. Remember, however, that if you are covered in sunblock your skin will NOT be making vitamin D.

Below is a link to an assortment of D vitamins in different strengths and also includes some sprays. I take the Life Extension 5000iu. I will remain on this dosage through the summer as I ALWAYS wear an SPF.


Vitamin C –

Many studies have proven that vitamin C can be very helpful in the treatment of viral illnesses. A recent test I did showed that I was deficient (despite my quite full on supplement regime) and I have now increased my dosage to 3000 mg a day. I recommend this amount in normal circumstances for everyone and would most definitely recommend it in the present situation. Our body does not make vitamin C and will excrete any excess. Best to take a time release version several times a day.

If you get a virus then up the dosage to at least 5000mg. If you start getting a loose stool then you have gone too far and reduce to a comfortable amount.


Quercitin –

This is a powerful immune booster as well a broad-spectrum anti-viral. It was initially used as protection against SARS which is also a coronavirus. Evidence suggests it may help prevent and also treat coronaviruses. In our household we have been taking this daily for the last year.


B Vitamins –

These have been found to influence Covid specific disease processes, including viral replication and cytokine storm induction. It’s also very good for stress which is a bonus in the circumstances.

The link below takes you to one of my favourite versions but while on the site you can check out the rest of the choices which are many. There are some that contain vitamin C as well but usually in small doses so you can go ahead with a separate vitamin C supplement as suggested.


Zinc –

This plays a vital role in helping your immune system to ward off viral infections. It also helps block viral replication in minutes. A zinc deficiency can reduce immune function. Zinc is something I’m never without and have been taking it for years.


N-acetylcysteine (NAC) –

This is a precursor to glutathione which appears to play a crucial role in Covid. Some studies have suggested that a deficiency may actually be associated with Covid severity. It may therefore work for both prevention and treatment. I have just added this to my regime for the first time.


I take all of the above and feel I’m being proactive in protecting myself.

If you don’t take any supplements and would like to give it a try, you could start with just a couple and see how you go. I would recommend starting with Vitamins D and C to begin with as these are both so important right now.

I also do my best to keep on top of health issues and exercise very day. If nothing else, this awful pandemic has shown us how truly important it is to take care of our health as best we can. Sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated and we all struggle on some days. However popping a supplement is probably the easiest part of all.

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  1. I have never been a believer of vitamins, but now i have a slow change of mind. During the last few months i’ve started taking vitamin D. My main worry about taking too many vitamins, is liver & organs having to work harder, they all have to go through the whole body system.

    1. Vitamin D is a good start. My doctor asked if I take any supplements and was “thrilled” (her word) when I mentioned Vitamin D. Vitamins aren’t drugs, so no need to worry about taking too much.

    2. Post

      With supplements you would need to take a large amount to overdose or cause problems. However some will react badly with medications so always best to check with your doctor. It’s very difficult for people living in the colder, less sunny northern hemisphere to maintain sufficient levels of vitamin D and many (most?) will be deficient. D is such an important vitamin and a deficiency can have serious effects on health. One doctor said on TV this week that he feels the whole country should’ve been given vitamin D at the beginning of the pandemic.

  2. RE the you tube videos, personally I would say as long as they take,within reason lol.Would rather watch the full video than one that had been edited a lot possibly cutting out key points and information!!😊xx

  3. Thank you for the advice. Very informative and I now realise what I’m missing. I’ve had the vaccine and had no side effects and I do believe it’s down to the vitamins I take and a Healthy diet.

  4. I take a lot of supplements: Vit D + K2 (spray), Vit B12 (also a spray), Vitamin C plus cod liver oil, evening primrose oil, Omega 3 Fish oil, B Complex, Vitamin E, Selenium, Magnesium & Calcium. I used to take Zinc but after some testing found I was still deficient I was told that for some reason I don’t absorb it. Some of the supplements I take are to help with my under-active thyroid and osteoporosis.
    I must be honest & say that apart from the Better You sprays and the selenium, the rest are just from Tesco (money shortage!!) But I do feel reasonably healthy, all things considered.

    1. Post

      If you are not absorbing your vitamins then you may need a digestive enzyme which you would have with each meal. This happens a lot as people age and I myself have started taking them as I found I too was not absorbing vitamins properly. You take a very good range and the D, K2 and magnesium should be all you need for your bones.Calcium can cause problems (including calcification) and shouldn’t be necessary with what you are taking.

      1. Thank you Glynis this is all very interesting. Could you please tell me which digestive enzyme(s) you could recommend ?
        Thank you

        1. Post

          There are many different ones and as long as they come from a good company you can play around and see which suits you? Hopefully will help you absorb your foods well and stop bloating and indigestion etc. If you go to the GLYNIS LOVES page and check out the Supplement Hub, they have a selection of good quality digestive enzymes and you can get a discount while you’re at it! Here’s a link to the page –

  5. I was diagnosed with pernicious anemia about 10 years ago, not sure why as I think my diet was better then than now. I found the article on vitamins interesting. And I am going to try some of those mentioned. . The video’s on you tube, yes definitely longer 15/20 minutes.

  6. Interesting comments about vitamins – I have been getting mouth ulcers for Yr’s and use to get through tubes of Bonjella – Wasn’t until I was 46 that I see a young locum at my GP’s surgery who said I must be lacking in a Vitamin – So a full blood count which I’ve had on many occasions was requested – Turns out I have my very own iron foundary being manufactured in my body since birth with a iron load of 1000 on diagnoses – Very dangerous and seriously toxic to the organs in the body and a killer if not diagnosed – This condition is the reverse of anemia and is a genetic condition that affects mainly celtic people although anyone can essentially have it – The medical name is haemochromatosis but the friendly name is Iron Overload – So before you reach for the vitamins especially anything with iron it in be sure to be sure to check your iron level out through your GP – I take a vitamin D supplement once a Wk as if you live in the UK your bound to be lacking in it

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