How Hormone Therapy Can Slow Down Ageing – Part 3

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Before embarking on hormone therapy of any description, it’s really important to understand all the risks. I know it’s a bit like a biology session, but I do recommend reading all the info so comprehensively laid out here by Dr Gordon. You will see that risks associated with BHRT are minimal compared to conventional hormone therapy, and in some instances …

Ageing Gracefully

How Hormone Therapy Can Slow Down Ageing-Part 2

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Why oh why do women lose their waists and become “apples” instead or “pears” with the approach of the menopause? Dr Yehudi Gordon explains and looks at the connection between nutrition and hormones. Nutrition, of course, being something of great interest to me. The truth is that emotions play a large part in how and why we eat. Women have …

How Hormone Therapy Can Slow Down Ageing – Part 1

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People often ask me “what is your secret”? I always say there is no secret, just a combination of things that make a huge difference to how one ages. I call it the Toolbox, filled with the tools that build a happy, healthy, youthful body. But the truth is that the decline of hormones is probably the most ageing thing …

Why take Digestive Enzymes?

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Since bringing out The In-Sync Diet with nutrionist Fleur Borrelli, we’ve heard from many people who have problems with their gut. This ranges from IBS, to bloating, to all kinds of digestive problems. The In-Sync Diet should help tremendously with gut problems but we often recommend that people take digestive enzymes as well. So what are these and why are …

The Gut – Future Solutions

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It’s going to take a brave person to use the latest “fecal” method to fight infection but I suppose if you’re sick enough, you’re going to go for it. This 4 part gut series by nutritionist Fleur Borrelli, shows how incredibly important gut microbes are and how they affect every facet of our health and well being. The more removed …

Unhealthy Gut Ecology

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Here we continue our series on the gut by nutritionist Fleur Borrelli. In this third part we look at why it’s so important to keep a healthy balance of the good and bad gut bacteria. An imbalance can cause all kinds of problems. Diet, supplements (in particular digestive enzymes and probiotics) and stress management can all help.

Why is the Gut Referred to as “the Second Brain”?

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The big discovery on the gut is how much it affects our mental health and behaviour and is often referred to as “the second brain”. It’s quite hard to get ones’ “brain” round that concept isn’t it? And having too many of the “bad guys” in your gut, can make you overweight! Ok, I bet that’s got your attention? There’s …

Why our Gut Microbes are so Important

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Recent research has shown that the gut is crucial to good health. And it’s importance to every aspect of health, from  the immune system to our mental health, has been hugely underestimated.  The gut is teeming with bacteria and all sorts of microbes, some good, some bad. It is vital to get the balance right. Not enough of the good …

Top Five Natural Remedies for Immune Support

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Taking control of one’s own health is a very empowering thing. As viruses spread at an alarming rate around the globe and people everywhere are having to take time off work and are brought down by colds and flu multiple times a year, it’s really important to keep your immune system strong and healthy. If you do succumb to a …