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How to give yourself a spring boost

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Spring is in the air at last, flowers are blooming, the trees are green and birdsong fills the air, which makes now the perfect time for a little spring boost.

The great outdoors is beckoning

It’s time to head into the countryside or your local park. Walking in nature is incredibly beneficial. It’s great exercise, helps to relieve stress and gives our immune system a boost. Microbes that come off plants help to strengthen the immune system.

Eat seasonal spring vegetables

Spring brings with it an abundance of wonderful and tasty vegetables. Eating seasonally is always good as it means we are eating fresh foods that are hopefully local. Here are some examples:


Vitamins B, C and A . Supports a healthy gut, helps to lower stress and also blood pressure.


Also high in C and folate (vitamin B) and contains valuable minerals like magnesium, phosphorous and potassium. Supports cardiovascular and immune systems.


Very rich in folate and plays a key role in heart health. It also has a good amount of manganese which is important for bone formation as well as brain function.


Full of vitamin C which helps strengthen the immune system. They can help with weight management, reduces heart disease and boosts brain health.

Skin boost

Get rid of dead skin cells by exfoliating with alpha hydroxy acids. These are grain free and super gentle. There are many to choose from and some are tolerated better than others. I’ve done articles on the different ones which you can see HERE

I think a great place to start with AHA’s is Azelaic acid as it’s tolerated by nearly everyone, even those who have rosacea. It’s great for redness, blemishes and pigmentation.

In my previous article I wrote about the wonderful selection at Garden of Wisdom. This whole range is now slowly being phased out and is being reformed into a new range called DoSe. And they’ve brought out an Azelaic Acid that I highly recommend. Like the GOW products the prices are incredibly reasonable.

Azelaic Acid 10% Serum by DoSe

Skin brightening

Now is the time to brighten your skin as well as exfoliate it. Vitamin C is perfect for this. It helps to fade pigmentation, evens out skin tone and also helps protect skin from the elements. There are many products out there with Vitamin C these days but my personal favourite is Radiance Serum by ARK. It’s packed full of brightening Vitamin C and is hydrating and very light.

Radiance Serum

You might also want to check out my recently launched skincare edit which comprises 3 ARK products that are ALL you need. One of the 3 is the Radiance Serum and another is the Night Repair Treatment which also contains Vitamin C to brighten the complexion. The good news is that the edit comes with a HUGE discount plus a free gift.


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