Radiance Serum (30ml)




For hyperpigmentation

This was the first serum in the range that I tried and instantly fell in love with it. With high doses of Vitamin C, it brightens the complexion and helps to fade pigmentation. It’s therefore perfect for anyone who, like me, has hyperpigmentation or melasma (large areas of pigmented skin). Evening out skin tone will give the face a more youthful appearance. It has the consistency of a super light oil that’s absorbed instantly, giving your skin a lovely glow. Works brilliantly with the Age Defy products.

What’s in it

  • Stabilised Vitamin C to brighten and even out skin tone and help reduce the signs of ageing.
  • Amino acids to further even out skin tone and improve clarity.
  • Allantoin to reduce redness and sensitivity.

How to use it

Apply to a cleansed skin. Only 2-3 drops are needed. I add one to my forehead and one to each cheek. I also sometimes add a 4th drop to my neck. Always apply under your moisturizer. As an alternative, it can be added to the moisturizer. Can be used in the AM and PM or just once a day if preferred. I tend to use in the AM and use a different serum at night.

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