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A 10 minute guided meditation

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Recently I posted a “Beginners guide to meditation” which was a video I did with my husband Michael Brandon.

You can watch it HERE

We got many requests to do more so we have now created a 10 minute guide of pure relaxation.

Michael does all the work for you and guides you through the whole process. Just get yourself sitting comfortably, set your phone to record (so you can repeat whenever needed) and off you go.

This type of guided relaxation is wonderful to help you get off to sleep at night as well

Once you’re ready for bed, turn your  light off, lie comfortably on your back and put the recording next to your bed. Have it at a comfortable volume but not too loud. The chances are slim that you’ll still be awake at the end of the recording.

You can use this meditation and the Beginners one over and over again

Each time you will get something different out of it. When the recording finishes you may continue to stay in meditation until you feel ready to come out.

You are in charge and can do whatever feels right for you.



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  1. That was amazing. I nearly fell asleep! I think I could meditate listening to Michael reading a telephone directory. What a voice!

  2. Thank you so much for this. After a hectic week this has been so relaxing. After turning 58 last week and a lovely hectic week in New York seeing plenty of sights and loads of walking and a long flight home to Heathrow, this relaxation was bliss. Adjusting to hardly any sleep was hard but New York was worth it. Seeing the Empire State, Central Park, Times Square, Statue of Liberty, a carriage ride in Central Park for my birthday and the zoo was just unbelievable xx

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