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Are continuous glucose monitors a good thing?

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We probably all know someone who has signed up for one of the latest apps that monitors every aspect of your health. And it usually starts with wearing a CGM (continuous glucose monitor).

I’ve noticed some odd behaviours in people wearing monitors

Shrieks of alarm when checking the monitor after eating some perfectly healthy bit of food, anxiety about eating certain foods and sometimes down right obsession with everything food related. Now, I’ve long been into healthy eating so I know well what’s it like to be conscious about what I consume, but looking around at all these CGM wearers, a few red flags are coming up for me. Specially when it concerns someone known to have some issues with food and weight.

I decided to sit down with biochemist Sakiko and get her thoughts on the matter

Sakiko is also the founder of sugar free chocolate brand NOMOSU and she’s spoken to me before about the merits of natural sugar alternatives. I’m happy to say her chocolate brand is going from strength to strength so do check it out.

As you will see in the video below, there are positives in some cases in wearing these monitors, but there are also some negatives. As Sakiko says, it’s important to know how glucose works in the body and how to evaluate and put in context what the monitor is saying.  There are also some elements that can have risks. Have a watch to find out what all you need to know:

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