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LVL Lash Lift

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Well I never thought I’d see the day my husband would end up trying a lush new lash treatment before me. First of all HD Brows (they of the perfect brow fame) have opened an HD (High Definition) Boutique in Notting Hill. Hoorah!! No more driving up the M1 to Milton Keynes for my brow appointments (having said that I …

The Masterlift

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A while ago I wrote about the heavenly facial I had with Marie Reynolds who is one of the best skin therapists I’ve ever come across. You can therefore imagine my excitement when once again I found myself on her table for her unique Masterlift treatment. This treatment offers a real alternative to lifts and injectables in addressing skin ageing. …

Black Zen Stones on a Sea

Japanese Cosmo Lifting For Men

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The other week I wrote about my treatments for this fabulous natural facelift and how impressed I was with the results. You can read it HERE. Well, when I embarked on the 6 week course, my wonderful practitioner, Shermine Boustany, was bemoaning the fact she didn’t have any men to try it on. In Japan where it’s very popular, men …

Japanese Cosmo Salt Balls

Japanese Cosmo Lifting

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I only recently discovered the pleasures and wonders of facial reflexology after many years of being a fan of the foot variety. I was very fortunate (and you can be too if you’re in London) to meet a wonderful practitioner, Shermine Boustany. She has quite magical hands as she works her way round your face using the technique formulated by …

Facial Reflexology

Facial Reflexology

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I’m sure nearly everyone has heard of reflexology, even if they’ve never actually tried it. I’m a huge fan of it and in the hands of a gifted practitioner, it’s deeply relaxing, renewing and healing. I actually prefer it to a massage and usually go into a wonderful state where I feel my body and mind completely relax and drift …

Skin Tightening

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I’m always looking for non invasive ways of tightening and improving skin. I have therefore happily spent the last few months trying some new (to me) skin tightening treatments. It’s been a manic year and I was feeling a bit worn out which never bodes well for your skin. What could be better than having a little skin rejuvenation? As …

Jet Peel

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  About 18 months ago something strange happened to my usually normal and well behaved skin. It got very, very dry and started flaking alarmingly. I was doing a play at the time and therefore had on a full face of make up every night. Every time I removed the makeup, my skin would come off with it. It was …

Non Invasive Skin Tightening

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I should imagine that most mature(ish) women, and frankly even immature ones, crave tight, sag-free, dewy, glowing skin, free from wrinkles and age spots. I would also imagine that most of these mature/immature women are rather less keen on actually going under the knife to achieve it. We live in an age where much of this is achievable. Hoorah!!!! At …