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Skin treatments worth the money at 50+ (video)

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It really is most unfair that at the stage of life where you need facial treatments and rejuvenation the most, you are least likely to get a good result. In my previous interviews with Dr Khan (cosmetic surgeon at the Harley Street Skin Clinic) we have spoken about the fact that after the age of 50, all facial treatments become less effective.

So is it a waste of money doing treatments at 50+?

I put this to Dr Khan and it seems that, thankfully, we can still get results if we choose the right treatments. He talks about all the the ways in which age affects our facial structure and the different approaches we can take. Have a watch of this latest video to find out what they are. Can I just say I’m quite excited by the plasma shower?

I would add to this that I think we also have to manage expectations. Even with effective treatments, results will not be quite as big as they would on younger skin. Personally I think a subtle rejuvenation is more desirable than a drastic change, but then I prefer a natural, healthy glow above all else.

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