Why Ageless…

I’ve  long been into health and fitness, and as the years pass I want to remain being and looking healthy with youthful glowing skin. Just as well really because as an actress there is considerable pressure to remain looking as young as possible. What I have come to understand is that you can’t have one without the other. Health is crucial to how you will age and let’s face it, being healthy is more important than anything. When it comes to ageing well, there is no quick fix (sorry, I wish there was).

From health comes beauty and the side effect of creating beauty is health!

I am of course not a doctor and all opinions here are my own, albeit formed with much enthusiastic research. I am always looking at what’s new in all aspects of health and beauty. I want to know everything that’s going on out there! I always wished there was someone who could put all this information together for me and continually update it. So, with all the afore mentioned enthusiasm, I’d like to think that I can be that person for you!

The In-Sync DietThe In-Sync Diet Book Cover

The In-Sync Diet is a joint collaboration between actress Glynis Barber and nutritional therapist Fleur Borrelli. Glynis had been a keen advocate of natural health and wellness for many years before she approached Fleur for nutritional advice. Using an ‘evolutionary’ approach to nutrition, Fleur made changes to Glynis’ diet and lifestyle that revolutionised her thinking and The In-Sync Diet was borne.

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Glynis Barber

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