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Glynis does MasterliftPlus (video)

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I’m so excited to share my Masterlift with you today, step by step, so you can see exactly what happens.

This incredible facial treatment by skin guru Marie Reynolds is my all time favourite. Marie uses her exquisite products throughout the treatment and lots of exciting gadgets. She has upgraded the treatment since I last did one and now turns her hands into buzzing bees (no I’m being serious, wait till you see it). She uses the electrical pulse from both of us to turn her hands into machines.

Her robot hands are the most extraordinary thing I’ve ever seen in my life

I’ve done many articles on here about Marie, her products and her treatments. Just search under Beauty to find them. However my absolute favourite product of hers, which has become world famous, is Restore. You can read about it here:


This video has another unexpected benefit.

It’s incredibly relaxing to watch. I nearly went into a zen coma while editing it. The treatment, while innovating and exciting, is also incredibly relaxing and just watching the massaging and stroking, I guarantee, will melt your stress away and leave you feeling super mellow.

If you are interested in getting a Masterlift yourself (I’m already trying to book my next one), then subscribe to her site to get dates as she releases them. She mostly works out of her clinic in Norfolk but also works at Fortnums and Mason in London occasionally:


I do hope you enjoy the video as much as I did making it. If you would like to see more videos with Marie they are on the AGELESS BY GLYNIS BARBER YouTube channel.

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