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Hypnotherapy and trauma recovery (video)

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My last talk with hypnotherapist Zoe Clews about all the many issues hypnotherapy can help with and how it all works, garnered a lot of interest. So today I sit down for another video chat with her that is absolutely fascinating.

Post traumatic growth is the upside of trauma

I hadn’t heard of this before and found the whole concept very interesting. It’s about how we can grow resilience and find the positive from all our trials and tribulations. What doesn’t kill you is going to make you stronger as they say.

She also talks about how the four stress responses, fight, flight, freeze and fawn, have impacted us during these challenging times.

Panic buying is a reaction to the flight response

And as Zoe explains it’s very easy for people to get stuck in a stress response. This interview is full of so many insights and useful information that it’s well worth watching all the way through.

If you missed my first interview with Zoe you can watch it here:

How hypnotherapy can help many issues

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