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The secret to flawless makeup (video)

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One of the best makeup tips I’ve ever been given during all my years of acting, was to always make sure I blended away any harsh lines, leaving my makeup looking effortlessly flattering.

I know many people lack confidence when applying makeup but blending is easy and anyone can do it. Even if you haven’t applied your makeup particularly well, if you blend away the edges it’s going to make it look much better.

Heavy lines of makeup are often not flattering specially as age

I would always go for a pencil eyeliner for example, rather than a liquid one. You can build up the intensity slowly with blending and still have a good amount of colour without it looking too harsh. I will often go for grey these days rather than black as it’s softer and more flattering I think. However I do still wear black sometimes if I’m going somewhere and want to look glam. But I blend it like crazy. Apply a small amount and blend. Apply a bit more and blend and so on til it’s just right.

In today’s video I show which brushes I use and how I use them.

You can view the fabulous Studio 10 brush which I demonstrate with here:



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  1. Thank you. This video about blending is really useful and helpful to know. I’m going to start trying this, and also advice about cream blusher, I’ve always use powder blusher, but I’m going to get a cream blusher to give a glow.

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