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Treatments for lines around the mouth (video)

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I’ve got a newfound pet hate. And yes you’ve guessed correctly, it’s those pernicious little lines around the mouth that are one minute barely there and the next, the hugest most unwanted feature on your face. It reminds me of my teen years when I got a spot and could literally think of nothing else. It felt like everyone who looked at you would ONLY be able to see the spot.

Well ok maybe not as bad as that but pretty close. I mean what the hell? Why? And what (if anything) can be done? Thank goodness for Dr Khan who patiently talks me through these very questions (although at one stage the cheeky bugger implies talking too much might be an issue??). The good news is that there are a few things to help prevent further lining and also some treatments to improve the upper lip area. One of which I have recently done and will be sharing the whole journey with you.

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  1. I couldn’t pick up the serum he suggested- I heard peptide …..serum but wasn’t sure the name if the other substance – if you could please share that would be helpful
    Thank you

    1. Post

      He didn’t mention a particular serum, he was just saying to use products with peptides in. That’s why I wrote this article, to give all the details of what he was talking about. I’ve included some suggestions for products with peptides.

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