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Protocol for lines around the mouth

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Following my recent video chat with Dr Khan about what to do about the dreaded lines around the mouth, I thought I would itemise all his suggestions and look at them in more depth.

Too much talking:

Mmm well I think it’s best to just ignore this one, don’t you? Rude!


Now that’s better because it’s easy and something most of us do anyway. He mentioned that we have plenty of sebaceous glands on the upper lip and good exfoliation will help stimulate them as well as get rid of dead cells. Getting rid of dead skin cells helps smooth your skin allowing new cells to come through.

However as we age it’s important to use the right products. Very abrasive scrubs can actually damage your skin so you need something that will do the trick without doing any damage.

I have two that I use that are both absolutely fantastic.

Restore by MRL-

A grainy mask that you mix with water and leave on your face for about 10-15 minutes. This is possibly the BEST product I have ever used. Why? Because it leaves your face as smooth as a baby’s bottom and looking incredible.

After 10 minutes I slightly wet my face and then rub the mask into my skin for a couple of minutes. It may feel slightly grainy and a bit rough but is in fact very gentle and feeds your skin with many nutrients. It’s like a super food for your face. I usually use Restore once a week.

You can find Restore on the GLYNIS LOVES page where you can get a discount.


Smooth Surface Daily Peel Pads by Neostrata –

These pads contain glycolic acid and are extremely effective at gently exfoliating giving noticeable results. Helps even skin tone, increases cell turn over and smooths lines.  I use this once a week if I’ve used Restore as well. Otherwise I’ll use twice a week. I use both these products and the results are incredible but one of them will do just fine. They are both very, very good and super effective.

The good news is that this is also now on GLYNIS LOVES which means there’s a discount.



I was thrilled that Dr Khan mentioned this one because I have been doing it (3 sessions) over the last couple of months and am waiting to see the final results. Hyaluronic acid is injected into the face but not as a filler. It’s a different constituency to the hyaluronic acid used in fillers and rather, like a runny honey, it spreads under the skin. It hydrates and plumps up the skin cells thereby smoothing out fine lines. It also encourages collagen renewal (which always takes awhile hence the wait for the results).

So something to look forward to. A full video of my progress with Profhilo coming up very soon on YouTube.


Collagen Shots –

I’ve now been frantically going through all my products to see if they contain peptides! And then I realised that the absolute best source of peptides is in the collagen drink I have on my GLYNIS LOVES page. This stuff is brim full of amino acid peptides. Thousands and thousands of them. I’ve long thought that Collagen Shots is better for your skin than any product you put on it. I absolutely swear by it and make up a drink of it about an hour or two after my dinner (as you don’t want to have it on a full stomach) every night.


But of course we also need products to put on our skin that contain peptides and Dr Khan has recommended two products by Beaut Lab:

Relax neuropeptide Serum –

Reassuringly, this is actually specifically designed for laugh lines and frown lines. It works by relaxing facial muscles thereby reducing the depth of wrinkles (sounds like botox doesn’t it?). Plus it’s full of anti-oxidants, hyaluronic acid and skin smoothing plant collagen.

I haven’t tried this myself but am definitely going to!

I’ve also negotiated a little discount if you’d like to try it.

To get a 5% discount use the code: GLYN2021


Tripeptide Collagen Lip Plump –

Why have one peptide when you can have three! This is a rich treatment that plumps up the lip contour thereby blurring the appearance of vertical lines. The idea is clearly to give the appearance of fuller lips. There are a few products like this out there that give a tingling sensation as the blood rushes to the area. However, I think as this one has the wondrous peptides and is £15, it’s worth a go.

To get a 5% discount use the code: GLYN2021


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