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My Fractora Firm treatment

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A few years ago, I was regularly doing various radio frequency treatments and, in my opinion, they had a profound affect on my skin.

The treatments slow down the rate of ageing of the skin

You don’t get a particularly big result after a single treatment (although there is a noticeable but temporary tightening for a few days afterwards) but, by doing an initial course of 3-6 at weekly or fortnightly intervals and then doing the occasional maintenance treatment, you are keeping your skin in tip top condition.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic and also work commitments, I didn’t keep up my treatments and let it slide for about 3 years. And I definitely saw the difference in my skin. But now I’m back.

I’m embarking on a course of three treatments to try and get back to where I was or, at least, refresh and maintain where I am now.

My favourite radio frequency treatment is Fractora Firm

I have mine at The Harley Street Skin Clinic.  I love it as it’s very relaxing and sort of feels like you’re having your skin ironed!

In today’s video I show exactly what the treatment is like and the therapist explains how it all works.


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